Bangladeshi Systems Change Advocacy Network (B-SCAN)

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There are about 15 million disabled people in Bangladesh, with the number rising by about quarter million each year,this survey was done by WHO in 1985. About the same rate being faced by many countries, both large and small, across the world. Like other countries, Bangladesh should also provide a decent and viable infrastructure to support us. It is not impossible, there are many countries which have achieved it to quite a high degree. However, for any reforms to happen, we must first raise awareness of the fact that something needs to be done about this issue. It is my humble request to everyone, please help raise awareness of this issue so that people with disabilities in Bangladesh may lead a life with a higher standard of living. In this connection we have set our VISION, MISSION AND Goals to have a change in the system and the society. These are in outline only and will be elaborated upon further.


A conducive environment for the overall improvement of life of all People with Disability (PwD) in Bangladesh.


Our mission is to ensure an improved life of all PwDs in Bangladesh through the following arrangements:

1. Awareness
2. A Clear Idea about Rights
3. Maintenance of PwDs Interests


We intend to achieve following goals:

1. Education
2. Occupation
3. Access to All Facilities
4. Establishment of a Support System

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