B-SCAN Get Together

Friday, 12 February, 2010 our advocacy organization for people with disabilities has arranged their first get together. Different kind of people who are interested in development works were there including Teachers,Journalist,Service Holder,Students and others-among them many are living with different kind of disabilities and obstacles. Some bloggers were also there with us.We were total 60 in number and we tried to distribute leaflets among all.The Adda was prolonged from 10am to 12pm.

Associate Administrator of  B-SCAN Salma Mahbub noted the welcome speech. She tried to clear up the reason of establishing B-SCAN.After that Mrs. Nurunnnahar Nupur, working with the autism, delivered her speech. Then blogger Oronno Anam, representative of National Forum of Organizations of the Disabled (NFOWD) Rafiq Jaman, Consultant- HIV/AIDS of ILO Morshed Khan,Govt. Service Holder Kaikobad Hossain, Altaf Hossain, Journalist and the member of B-SCAN Biplob Rahman, Mahbubul Ashraf from AWDP, Assistant Professor and Blogger Syeda Farjana Sultan (ShopnomognoFarzana), blogger Hafizur Rahman(Onulekha) from Khulna shared their thoughts and hopes.

They all have meet on point and that is “Change of ongoing social views”.This alteration of our mentality will drive us forward and everyone can serve from his own field.Speakers highlighted on the point of being educated of PWDs.They have encouraged B-SCAN to go on with their field work.

Standing on this ground the members of B-SCAN has been decided to arrange different kind of gathering and seminar with the parents and others to achieve the right the accessibility in everywhere for the PWDs and ensuring their mass education beside keeping their basic-humanist rights. We will try to be in media beside distributing large number of leaflets and stickers as a part of our work.

After the lunch some members of B-SCAN went to the Ekusher Boimela .There we enjoyed a lively Adda infront of the stall of “Amar Prokashoni” with the cooperation of Amar Blog.Com. Just want to add that from the very beginning the famous blog site is inspiring B-SCAN in their every step.

Heartiest thank you to all.

Translated by Sharmin Quazi Bonny

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