Physically challenged, he knows no defeat

Belal Hossain, left physically challenged by polio during early childhood, has become a successful farmer through diligence and will power.
Struggling against all odds, Belal, 35, son of late Mozahar Ali of Zamalganj-Pirpara village of Joypurhat Sadar upazila, is now known as an ideal farmer in the area.
"Belal, sixth of my seven children, was affected with polio when he was only one year old. He read up to class III at the local primary school but could not continue study after his father's death. He got about 20 decimal land from his father and started farming. He looks after everything of his land," said Belal's mother Rokeya Begum.
Recently Belal built a brick-built house where he lives with his mother. He also purchased a colour television.
Belal has been cultivating cash crops for long and people know him as a good farmer in the area, said local farmer Reazul Alam.
"Defying physical challenge, Belal has set an example of success for farmers in the area. To invest for farming, he received loan on a few occasions and refunded it timely," said Joypurhat Sadar upazila Social Welfare Officer Nurun Nahar Begum.

Source: Friday, May 7, 2010, The Daily Star.

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